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We are currently based at 4 Little Paxton Court, Willaston. Focusing on the North East/Barossa area, and other country areas.





Crunchtime Solutionshas been operating officially as a business since March 2010.


How it began though is a story 25 years in the making…


Being a teenager in the 80’s, with no internet or mobile phones, and much to my disappointment no Play Stations; there wasn’t much to occupy one’s mind, except for sport, school and good old fashion hard work. So following in my Dad’s philosophy “A fair day’s work for a fair day’s pay”, I jumped into what became a career full of experience, training, education and numerous positions in a number of different roles.


Being very inquisitive and not wanting to miss out on anything in life I thought I’d try as many things as possible, and lucky for me what interest me is also what comes naturally and quickly to me giving me the perfect opportunity. To name a few I went from Mechanic to Truck Driver, Tree Feller, Chauffer, Welder, Gardener, Personal Trainer, Microsoft Technician, Rigger… and that’s just a few!


So in short, this business sort of all started for me at the age of 12, in my first job delivering the Sunday Mail. Fast forward to present day, 46 jobs later, I have finally put all those experiences and skills, into one simple solution…

Crunchtime Solutions…



List of Licenses / Qualifications

SA License to Perform High Risk Work:

·        DG – Dogman

·        RA - Advanced Rigger

·        LF – Forklift Truck

·        CV – Vehicle Loading Crane

·        CN – Non Slewing Crane

·        WP – Boom Type Elevated Work Platform

MR Truck & Motorcycle
Twin Rope Access and Tower Rescue
E.T.S.A. Voltage Identification (Safe Working Distances)
Workzone Traffic Management
White Card – Building site Entry
Advanced Scuba Diver
Class A&B Firearms
Certified Microsoft Professional (Soon MCSE)
Qualified Motor Mechanic
Driver Accreditation Class SP (Chauffeur)
Master Trainer – Personal Trainer
Certificate IV in Workplace Training &  Assessment

We are also committed to keep up to date with regular training and education.